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So much to see and do,
you won't get it all done!

A weekend pass is your best bet.

But if you can't do that,
be here when the gates open!

See WWII aircraft and displays

Watch many of them fly at about 8:30 Saturday and Sunday mornings. 

These are aircraft like the P-51, B-25, TBM, T6, T34 and others. 

This is the "Dawn Patrol" and it's designed to remind the town that "WE HAVE AN AIR SHOW TODAY."

  • See Current military airplanes, up close - Talk to the pilots.
  • See general aviation airplanes on display and much more.

We'll start the air show around noon and it will be non-stop to the end.


  • USAF Performance Lab 
  • Army Special Ops Display
  • Navy Week at the Quad Cities
  • USAF Major Ground Display
  • Kidspace Games
  • Helicopter Rides 😀
  • Army Challenge Course
  • Flight Simulator
  • Video Game Suburban
  • Accelerate you life Experience - Navy
  • F-22 Raptor Mini Display
  • Marine Hummer
  • Air Force Suburban
  • Mobile Aviation History Display
  • Great selection of Food and Beverage 
  • Blue Angels and other Novelties for sale
  • Saturday Night Concert (More details coming))
  • Plus Much Much More - Over 200 displays

Here are some of the Static Displays we hope to have at the 2023 Quad City Air Show.


IMPORTANT: All performers, acts, static display subject to change without notice and all aircraft listed have been requested, but are not all confirmed as of press date, thank you for your understanding.