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Ken has been air bossing air shows for over 39 years, over 230 air shows to date, and is industry known for providing a thorough, well prepared flight briefing, that is presented in a professional power-point format custom designed to your event, your schedule and your show.

Ken continues from the daily flight briefing to final discussions with each performer, each flight ramp and hot pit staff member to the FAA to make sure we have no issues. Then to the tower tomake any final adjustments with the narrator, then off to the air boss area for last minute show details with air boss staff to making sure the FAA Waiver is in effect, airspace and all roads within the aerobatic box are sterile – Then it is SHOW TIME.

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▶️USAF Thunderbirds
▶️F22 RAPTOR Demo Team
▶️USAF Single Ship Demo
▶️USAF Heritage Flight

  • Joe Shetterly
  • Jeff Shetterly
  • Greg Shetterly
  • Shetterly Squadron
  • Bob Carlton - Jet Glider
  • Aftershock
  • Ace Maker - T-33
  • Aeroshell Demonstration Team

WWII Demos and Static, including:
P-51, B-17, B-25, P-38, F-4U5, C-45, TBM, T-34, T-6, T-28, P-38J and more!

+ Military Static


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