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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there handicap parking?

- YES -- display your handicap card and traffic directors will send you to the proper parking lot.

What is the schedule?

- Both Saturday and Sunday - gates open at 8am and close at 5pm. Aerobatic flying starts about noon Saturday and Sunday.

- We have an exact plan as to when each will fly, but it could change due to weather or other contingencies.

Is parking going to be a problem?

- We don't think so. But, please car pool and come early. We've taken every precaution to make it run smoothly. We have plenty of signs and people directing traffic. We do recommend coming early though because there is a limited number of parking places on the airport. We feel it will be enough -- but don't get caught by an under estimation.

Is there going to be a place to sit?

- We will have chairs available on site to rent or bring your own... Or purchase a commanders club seat and get your food/drink included...

Is the food going to be expensive?

- It will be comparable to other event food -- like ball games etc.

IMPORTANT: All performers, acts, static display subject to change without notice and all aircraft listed have been requested, but are not all confirmed as of press date, thank you for your understanding.