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Group donation online Application

The Quad City Air Show is looking for various Non-Profit organizations to provide volunteer manning to handle the following important tasks. Please review and rank your selections. (Listed is the approximate number of volunteers needed) IMPORTANT: You must be willing to work a minimum of one day. We will not allow split shifts during the day. If you SPLIT SHIFT, your donation will reflect the deduction of extra tickets for those Split shifts. Different workers can work different days, but they must be willing to work at least one full day. Adult supervisors must be included if children under age 14 are working.
... volunteers per day to work the air show. The QCAS will determine the number of volunteers required for each task. Our decision is final and we will only comp tickets to the number that we request/need. If your group is to receive a donation from the QCAS, only the Chairman, President or Vice President of the QCAS can authorize any and all such donations.THIS APPLICATION is due ASAP, but no later than May 15, 2023 so we can assess our group needs and identify the tasks as soon as possible. Thanks again for your participation.