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You will see these aircraft in 2023

Static display | Military

T-33 Shooting Star

F/A 18 Hornet

C-130 Hercules

AV-8BII Harrier

T-37 Tweet

F/A 18 Rhino

E-2 Hawkeye 

CH-47 Chinook

EA-6B Prowler

C-2 Greyhound

OH-58 Kiowa

C-12 Huron

T-34 Mentor

AH-1 Super Cobra

C-21 Learjet

T-45 Goshawk

TH-57 Sea Ranger


AH-64 Apache

UH-60 Blackhawk

T-6 Texan II

Sikorsky HH-53 

..and much much more!

IMPORTANT:Some of the military might stage at the KMLI airport.All performers, acts, static display subject to change without notice and all aircraft listed have been requested, but are not all confirmed as of press date- Thank you for your understanding