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Dear Potential Sponsor,

On behalf of the entire Quad City Air Show Team, I want to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for allowing us the opportunity to present you with our 2024 Sponsorship Options.

Here is your chance to form a community partnership with the Quad City Air Show, which is ranked as one of the TOP-THREE AIR SHOWS IN THE COUNTRY and the largest and most anticipated family-fun filled entertainment event in the Midwest region.

Sponsorship is better than traditional advertising! Why? Because with community sponsored events like the Quad City Air Show you deliver what is called “SHARE OF HEART”, this is something you will never receive with traditional advertising. Traditional advertising is a MONOLOGUE, whereas sponsorship of the Quad City Air Show is a DIALOGUE. This affords a two-way exchange of ideas, increases customer awareness, identifies a name or brand or image, allows people to feel good, expands your reach and network, promotes positive PR and community involvement, allows for cross-promotion, rewards employees, clients, customers and family members and most of all it is FUN & EXCITING.

In 2024. the Quad City Air Show will be celebrating its 33rd Air Show and we have one of the best line-ups on record and we are very excited about this air show, scheduled for June 22-23 / 2024.

Thank you very much for the support, have a great year.

Always Appreciative,


Chairman-Founder-Air Boss

Companies supporting the Quad City Air Show 2024