RULES: Spectators might be subject to search.
Please don't bring unnecessary bags to the show. BUT, bring the cameras!

Leave home early so you don't get caught speeding (or parking too far away)


Car pool !!! Parking may be tight so load the van

Prepare to be in the sun -- Wear sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat

Prepare to walk -- wear comfortable shoes, you'll have a lot of ground to cover

Come both days -- If you want to see it all

No food, beverages or coolers , except for baby or medical supplies.

No smoking

No Pets

No Bikes, Skateboards, inline skates or Scooters

Pay Attention to where you are going -- don't be watching the airshow while driving or walking

Don't touch any aircraft unless you're invited to do so by the air crew and never climb on the planes.

Don't cross ropes or fence that are intended to control the crowd

Put all trash in it's proper place.

Plan a family rendezvous place -- before you get separated.