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Ken has been air bossing air shows for over 35 years, over 225 air shows to date, and is industry known for providing a thorough, well prepared flight briefing, that is presented in a professional power-point format custom designed to your event, your schedule and your show.

Ken continues from the daily flight briefing to final discussions with each performer, each flight ramp and hot pit staff member to the FAA to make sure we have no issues. Then to the tower to
make any final adjustments with the narrator, then off to the air boss area for last minute show details with air boss staff to making sure the FAA Waiver is in effect, airspace and all roads within the aerobatic box are sterile – then it is SHOW TIME. [ MORE ]


Smoke Oil is a small business enterprise based in the midwest that specializes in providing Smoke Oil, piston and turbine engine oil to the air show industry and the performers.

As an air show producer , warbird performer and air boss in the Air Show industry for over 35 years, I clearly have the knowledge and understanding on the ever increasing costs of oil related products in this industry. At SMOKE ON we are an independent dealer and we can get the best price available and then pass the savings on to you.

As the founder and producer of the Quad City Air Show, which is entering its 30th air show in 2016, I have grown tired of chasing the best Smoke and Engine Oil price and became a dealer myself, with the goal to pass on the savings to my fellow air show producers and performers.

Please give Ken a call at 563-349-0044 and let me locate, ship and handle your Smoke Oil needs for your event or act.



Saturday /Sunday June 25-26, 2016

AT 8:00 AM

AROUND 16:00



* Wheelchairs and other such devices are allowed



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F-16 Viper Demo Team from the ACC

United States Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet
Demonstration APPROVED
- You do not want to miss the VFA-122 Super Hornet Demo!

United States Army Golden Knights
Parachute Team

Incredible and History Making Tora Tora Tora Re-enactment

Acrobatic Demo - incredible P-51 Mustang - Vlado Lenoch

USAF Heritage Flight with F-16 & P-51 Mustang

Greg Shetterly - G&M Air Shows - DR-107 Special

USN Legacy Flight with the F/A-18 & F4U-5 Corsair

Jeff Shetterly - Radial Rumble Air Shows - North American T-6 Texan

Skip Stewart Air Shows – First Time ever

Dave Folk – F4U-5 Corsair Demo and Legacy Flight Demo

Bob Carlton - Jet Glider Aerobatics

Joe "Rifle" Shetterly Air Shows - RV-8

The Shetterly Squadron - the Shetterly's - RV-8, Texan, DR-107

Current Military, Classic, Experimental aircraft displays

Air Boss - Ken Hopper

Narration - Phil Dacy

Warbirds – P-51, F4U-4, TBM, B-25, C-45, C-47, T-6, T-28, B-17, PT-17

Plus Much Much More – 0ver 200 displays and exhibits